Time for a new Website

But first, a trip down memory lane: (click on an image to see full size version)

First BU home page

Bucknell’s 1st home page from 1996: Several web detectives out there located the first Bucknell home page for me. Thank you!


This was our first public website. There was one earlier version -- with a graphic of a bison and a few links -- but we can't find a screenshot.

Bucknell’s 2nd home page: 1997


Look what we found! Here’s the third version of the website fro 1999. This one utilized mouseovers — when you moused over the main window, the image changed. Each graphic changed to descriptive text when you interacted with it.


2nd Interation of Bucknell Website

Bucknell’s 4th home page from 2000.

This was the 5th version of the Bucknell public website from 2004.

This was the 5th version of the Bucknell public website from 2004.

Designed by a firm named DotMarketing.

Designed by a firm named DotMarketing in 2005.

Current design by a firm named Fastspot launched in 2008.

Current design by a firm named Fastspot launched in 2008.


You might have heard that a new Bucknell website is in the works. The rumors are true! Our goal is to launch a fabulous new site in January 2014. Although the public phase of this project has just gotten underway, we’ve been doing a lot of work behind the scenes. Here’s what we have done so far:

  • We set up this blog for communicating the status of the project to the campus. Please ask questions and make comments on any post. We truly welcome your input.
  • We scoured the field for digital design agencies to partner with Bucknell on this important project.
  • We conducted hour-long phone interviews with 20 agencies.
  • We sent our RFP, outlining the goals and scope of the project, to 13 firms on Feb. 25, 2013.
  • 10 firms replied by the deadline of March 18 (3 declined due to the timing of the project).
  • We invited the top three firms to campus for an indepth presentation. We hope to select and announce our partner by April 9th.
  • We’ve established a Website Redesign Advisory Team consisting of: Jodi Black, Chris Martine, Tim Kim (student), Andy Hirsh, Bill Conley, Jon Terry, Loni Kline, Ryan Lebreton, Pete Mackey, Jason Snyder, and myself, Roberta Diehl. This team will help us to select our partner for this project and be our sounding board as we move through the development of a new web presence for Bucknell.
  • Did you notice we only have one student on this team? In spite of multiple invitations, we have not yet found a second student to join us. If you are a student reading this, and you have time to devote to a project like this (evaluating vendors, sitting in on meetings to discuss the goals of the website redesign, sharing your opinion of design ideas and usability solutions), and would like to get involved, or learn more about this opportunity, please contact me! (roberta.diehl@bucknell.edu)

Next entry: What are the goals of the site redesign?

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